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Been a hot minute..

Posted by tifreak8x on 04.29.20
Sign Finder CSE
As announced on the forums, I had started a project based on the popular DS game Brain Age 2 called Sign Finder. The object of the game is to complete the displayed equation by drawing (or in this case, typing) in the missing sign. This game uses xlibc, so you need Doors CSE 8.1 or above to play.

an image

Download here

Alternative Download

Posted by tifreak8x on 11.18.14
News for the forum!
It seems it has been a long time since I have last posted a news item to TI-Freakware. Holy cripe. At least, a post to the forum news.

The front page news has seen a few postings, but they never got shoved to there.

I think I am going to try to do some reorganizing of the forum index over the next week, so expect things to shift around. Hopefully you will be able to still find things without too much trouble.

First and foremost, the humor section is gone. It was dumb to have, and I regret nothing about making it go away.

I will be splitting up some of the programming assistance forum into child forums, based on model of calculators I personally support, or can get help for you users for.

I will probably combine the TI Community forum with the programming assistance forum, and create a section for Casio users to get assistance, along with one for the HP calcs (of which I own a couple, but I still need to work on learning to program for).

And I will see about getting some new themes going. It is time I have done some updating to the overall layout and looks of this forum. Long since past time. You get the idea. If you have any suggestions, or feedback as I get things changed around, please feel free to post and let me know!

Discuss here

Posted by tifreak8x on 10.20.14
Age of Darkness 84+ CSE editio
I have finally completed a beta of the 84+ CSE edition of Age of Darkness, utilizing the homescreen instead of the graph screen, due to its large size. I believe I have worked out most of the major bugs, but if you happen to find anything, please feel free to report it to me on the forums and I will see about getting it taken care of!


Posted by tifreak8x on 09.14.14
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