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Age of Darkness 84+ CSE editio
I have finally completed a beta of the 84+ CSE edition of Age of Darkness, utilizing the homescreen instead of the graph screen, due to its large size. I believe I have worked out most of the major bugs, but if you happen to find anything, please feel free to report it to me on the forums and I will see about getting it taken care of!


Posted by tifreak8x on 09.14.14
Age of Darkness: Prizm Edition
Age of Darkness has made its debut on the Casio Prizm graphing calculators. It is a simple style RPG, where you must travel the lands in order to acquire the crystals of power, so you might defeat the Enemy.

This game is currently in beta, so take care to save often! If you wish to play, check out to download it!

Posted by tifreak8x on 07.22.14
Flags Database V0.6
Just released version 0.6 of Flags Database for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition calculator. This version includes 206 country flags, with US state flags and historical flags to be added in later updates.

You can download the program here.

an image

Posted by tifreak8x on 06.29.14
2 project releases!
Over the last several months, I have been putting together a library of data, dealing with the libraries available in Doors CSE. This library tells you the available functions, and how to utilize them. This is especially helpful for the programmer that is always on the go, and does not want to keep track of 30 pages of library information. You can find LibHelper here.

an image

Doors CSE Icon Creator was made at the same time that KermMartian of Cemetech had started Doors CSE. Recently, with all of the libraries that have been added, and some requests for this program to be able to do so, I have added the feature for Icon Creator to create programs and store the header information, along with the sprite data, directly to the program. If it has already been created, it will simply insert the lines into it. You can find this program here.

an image

This version is separate from the older one, so people who just want the icon data can use that version.


Posted by tifreak8x on 06.24.14
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