Pokemon Purple
Description:Well, continuing on with Pokemon Purple, thought I would reveal this older beta that I released to certain people to the rest of you all, since it has been over 3 years since the last release. This beta now includes: A scrolling map, instead of the 8x16 segments you used to walk through (screenshot of old system in zip) The ability to change border styles for dialogue and such This is just mainly to show I am still alive. I have had made many many many improvements to this game since this version has been released, but at this time is in an unreleasable form. Keep tabs on this project at TI-Freakware, United TI, Omnimaga, or Cemetech so you stay up to date on the latest developments on this project. Please note the included animated screenshot is faster on calculator (83+SE, 84+ and 84+SE) than in the screenshot.
Project type: Role-Playing - Pokemon
TICalc file: Pokemon Purple
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Contact Author: Daniel Thorneycroft (tifreak8x@hotmail.com)