Metroid for TI-68K:

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Metroid 68K is a brand new metroid game for your calculator.
It runs on all 68K calculators, that is Ti-89, Ti-89 Titanium, Ti-92+ and Voyage 200.
The game has beautiful grayscale graphics with lots on animations.

The game takes place on the planet Zebes. Your mission is to hunt down
and destroy the almighty Mother Brain to establish peace in space.
You will meet a ton of different monsters on your journey to the inner of planet Zebes.
6 different metroid kinds resides on the planet.

Plenty of different power-ups will aid you on your mission. Some of them are the Spider ball,
Spring ball, Varia Suit, Space jump ability, many weapon upgrades and even more.

With it's huge maps to explore Metroid 68K will keep you entertained for a long time!
And don't worry, you can save your game at any time ;-)

The keypad settings and game speed can be altered during gameplay.

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