Egypt for Ti-68K:

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Egypt for z80 Calculators
By Dwedit


This is a remake of the old NES/Famicom game Egypt for the Ti-68K calculators, including Ti-89, Ti-89 Titanium, Ti-92+ and Voyage 200.

Egypt is a puzzle game where you move a sphere around on a 8x8 board of walls, objects and arrows.

Stepping on an arrow tile shifts the entire row or column in the direction of the arrow.

You goal is to eliminate all the objects by getting 2 or more objects of the same type next to each other.

When all the objects are eliminated, the puzzle is completed.

There are also 3 different types of magic items that will aid you on your way.

This game uses grayscale graphics and automatic saving of your progress.

96 puzzles are included in the game.



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